The Museum Incident

Submitted by Samantha:

Daniel approached me at a bar when I was out with friends. He seemed genuinely friendly and his flirting was very subtle so I liked him immediately.

Our date was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He knew a lot about the different collections, especially the ancient art exhibits.

At one point, he must have overheard two nearby people talking. I didn't hear what they were talking about, but Daniel was suddenly in one of their faces, there was some shouting, and Daniel and whoever this other guy was came to blows.

They wrestled to the floor, and I stepped back. There was a high-pitched noise, like an electronic whistle, and a security guard came over to us and told us to leave the museum immediately.

Daniel stalked all the way outside without saying a word to me. When we were finally out and I again asked him what it was all about, he told me that the guy he had overheard had reminded him of the guy with whom his former girlfriend had cheated. He said that he wasn't sure if it was him, though.

I said, "So you may have just picked a fight with a random stranger?"

Then he got defensive and said, "You have no idea how that bitch hurt me!  Of course you wouldn't know!  You're just some fucked up bitch, too!"

I replied, "You obviously don't know either, since you can't even identify that guy she cheated on you with!  You crazy asshole!" and stomped away.  Part of me was hoping that he'd follow me, so that he'd make a further moron out of himself, but he didn't.  Probably for the best.


  1. You just watched this guy get into a fist fight with a total stranger on the basis that the guy "reminded him maybe" of the guy with whom his ex cheated on him, and then after you called this psycho an "asshole," you WANTED him to follow you?! Do you like getting the shit kicked out of you on dates, or do you just enjoy high drama in public places?

  2. She probably would have reconsidered if he had followed her.

  3. I feel like her story wouldn't be on ABCotD, but on the local news if he had followed her.


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