Stormy Weather

Submitted by Brad:

Julie and I were counselors at a summer camp.  Of course, summer camp is full of hookups, but with Julie it was particularly intense.  Whenever the kids were out of sight, our mouths would be fastened together.

We had arranged to do a "date" of sorts (come on, it's summer camp) on our mutual half-day off.  When the day arrived, though, a colossal thunderstorm came out of nowhere and hit the camp directly.  Everyone scrambled for shelter, with most of the counselors herding their kids into their respective bunks.

After I had brought my charges into their bunk, there was a knock at our door.  It was Julie, soaked to the bone.  I invited her in, but she asked me to come outside with her.  There were three other counselors inside of my cabin, so I left to see what she wanted.

She pulled me to a nearby clump of trees and asked about our date.  I told her that given the weather, we'd have to reschedule.  She slapped me and stormed off.

I followed her and demanded to know what her problem was.  In response, she kissed me, but bit my lip so hard that I had to shove her away, which was an unfortunate choice, as she slammed backward, into a tree.

There was a soft crunching sound, which I hoped was the tree bark.  She sank to the ground and held her head.  I ran for the medic and had to explain the whole situation.  What a crappy day that was.


  1. This isn't some creative writing class -- and I use the term "creative" VERY loosely -- so kindly take this delusional fairy tale and shove off.

  2. Seconded. The last two paragraphs read like a bad teen novel.

  3. But when did Edward tell her he was a vampire?

  4. I'm willing to believe this. Nothing extraordinary about it. Seems perfectly reasonable.

  5. He just missed out on some really kinky outdoor sex. Poor bastard is gonna feel bad forever.

  6. This is totally fake and creepy too. I can't believe anyone fell for this obvious fiction.

  7. what a crappy story, that was.

  8. I want 3 minutes of my life back after reading this. and 2 more for reading the comments and posting. oh wait, the comments are good. 3 minutes would be fine.

  9. "Soft crunching sound" implies that her skull fractured which means she would have had to hit her head pretty hard, and that says you either shoved her incredibly hard, are superman, or are making this bullshit up. Liar.

  10. The last paragraph seems fabricated. I don't doubt for a second the described actions of the girl.

    I found it more unbelievable that most commenters after the first could not provide their own opinions rather than blindly reiterating the thoughts of the initial commenter.

  11. You found it "unbelievable" did you Anon12:04? It's a bad date comments section, not a political forum. And people were in agreement, and had similar things to say. I think the comments are funny! It's Christmas Eve, chill out.

  12. it would have ended better with OP shoving some meat in her mouth and getting that dying quiver.


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