So Dark the Bitterness of Woman

Submitted by Will:

Over the course of my dinner date with Katie, it seemed as though she was pretty intent on picking a fight.  She corrected or disagreed with nearly everything I said.  Here's an example:

I started out with, "I'm going to see my cousins this weekend."

She'd shoot back, "Do not have a life or something?"

"I have a life.  I enjoy seeing my family."

"Are people in your family sort of like buddy-buddy, best friends and all that?"

"No.  We like spending time together, though.  I enjoy it."

"I repeat my prior statement.  You just don't have a life."

"Okay.  What are you going to be up to this weekend?"

She downed her wine in nearly one gulp and said, "I'm going to be at a few concerts, and hanging out with some friends.  You know.  Normal stuff."

"Which concerts?"

She shook her head.  "I doubt that someone like you has heard of them."

"Try me."

"Why bother?"

"Just try."

She listed three groups I hadn't heard of.  I told her that I hadn't heard of them, and then asked her what sort of music they played.

"Forget it," she said, shaking her head again, "I doubt you'd have even heard of the type of music that they play."

What's weird is that she came off as someone totally different over the phone, or at least far friendlier.  At any rate, I said my goodnight after dinner, and it ended there.


  1. I wonder why she wanted to go out with you since she obviously had made her mind up about you! Maybe she was one of those free meal chicks.... As a girl, I'm glad to say I know no women who are like that. She sounds just awful.

  2. "Psssh. I made up those bands to prove that you've never heard of them because you aren't as hip and 'scene' as I am. I've been getting free meals from losers like you since before it was all over A Bad Case of the Dates. ...Poseur."

  3. I agree with Nikki and Anon. She maybe just wanted to give you a taste of what you couldn't have, even though it still wasn't much.

  4. if you haven't heard of a type of music, it's because it sucks.

  5. I started out with, "I'm going to see my cousins this weekend."

    She'd shoot back, "Do not have a life or something?"

    "I have a life. I enjoy seeing my family."

    *** This is where you went wrong.

    You should've said

    "I do. And I'll beat you within an inch of it if you ever insult my family again. Got it?"


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