Out of This World

Submitted by Chrissy:

Scott and I met over coffee.  He was a 26-year-old research chemist for an area pharmaceutical corporation.  The conversation went well, and we were talking about our respective childhoods when he mentioned that he was abducted as a youngster.

I thought that I had misheard him.  "Abducted?  As in, kidnapped?"

He shook his head.  "Aliens."

I laughed.  He didn't.  That only made it funnier, but I controlled myself.  I said, "Can I hear the story?"

He told me how during an afternoon of playing in a field on a cloudy day with his older brother, he saw a tall, gray-blue figure with large black eyes stalking around the far end of the field, near a group of trees.  The thing stared at them, and they ran back to the house.

He continued the story, telling me that whatever it was must have followed them home, because after dinner that night, once he was in bed, the thing was in the corner of his room, staring at him.  He remembers convulsing violently, and then nothing else until the next morning when his father found him outside the house, half-dead in a clump of grass.

I asked him if he had any implants.  Scott said that they never found any in him, but that since then, he had demonstrated superhuman powers, including making time slow down.  I asked him to demonstrate, and he shut his eyes and trembled.  Time didn't slow down, but my coffee became just a little bit colder.


  1. ...the things some people make up just to get someone to probe their arse. Geez.

  2. This isn't terribly uncommon. My own brother is convinced he was "abducted" by aliens 20 years ago, though he is understood by my family and others as being mentally ill. On the surface he seems perfectly normal, can hold down a paying job, as your date above. These people project their fears into vivid hallucinations. Have some sympathy.

  3. Well, that's great. Now I have the theme for X Files stuck in my head...

  4. "Time didn't slow down, but my coffee became just a little bit colder."

    I think this in itself shows that he DOES have power over time, how could your coffee get cold in a blink of an eye otherwise?

  5. One of the funniest things i have ever read... this guy sounds like a real winner


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