A Personal Problem

Submitted by Anthony:

During my date with Lisa, she kept scratching her ass.  She just wouldn't stop.  It was distracting to all hell.

We went mini-golfing after dinner, and she used the club to scratch herself.  I finally asked her, "Everything okay back there?"

She said, "It's a personal problem."

We went on for more mini-golf, but it became out of hand when she started sitting on the green, watching me putt, and dragged her ass from side to side, like a dog does, over a carpet.

It was really distracting the entire time, and it was impossible for me to think about anything else.  Even when the date was over, that's all I was able to think about.  She was at it non-stop.  I hope she's okay.


  1. Most of the time it's hard to tell if a girl has an STD. You lucked out partner!

  2. Best opening line ever.

  3. Wooooooow. I'm with Anonymous. Way to dodge a bullet. I'm really surprised she didn't cancel the date. Most girls--hell, most *people*, regardless of gender--have enough shame that they don't want to be scratching their ass through a whole date.

  4. Though it seems a great thing to do if you're not interested in the other person. I'd never call a person who spent most of their time scratching their hoop!

  5. I've got exzema on my lower back/upper ass. i wonder if she has that? either way, i wouldnt scratch it in public. I highly doubt it was an STD, but a turn off none-the-less.

  6. OMG!
    That IS a bad case of the dates!

  7. She probably has pinworms. I hope you washed your hands after the date.


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