The Loser and I

Submitted by Dana:

I was in a community theater production of The King and I.  I played Tuptim, the consort of the king and secret lover of Lun Tha.  There's a short bit in the beginning where I shared a brief kiss with the guy playing Lun Tha.  During the last few weeks of rehearsals, I met someone (outside of the play) named Ted who seemed like a nice guy.

We went out for drinks a couple of times and we talked about my play, and he suggested taking me out for dinner after opening night.

On opening night, at the scene where I have to kiss Lun Tha, there was a very Ted-sounding, "Hey!" from the packed audience.

After the show was over, he found me in the crowd by the stage door, but he seemed very distant.  He seemed to be looking for someone else.  I asked him what was up and he said, "I'm looking for the guy who played Lun Tha.  I'm going to teach him a thing or two."

"Uh... it's just a play," I told Ted.

The guy who played Lun Tha did end up showing up, but all Ted did was glare at him.  It made the dinner afterward very uncomfortable, and the idea of continuing to date someone who couldn't separate fact from fiction was enough for me to jettison him.


  1. Jettison him....does that have anything to do with swallowing his jizz?

  2. Why don't you 15 year olds just surf on porn sites instead of sharing your pubescent remarks on this blog.

  3. re: anonymouse 4:13

    I don't surf on porn sites because I don't want to potentially see a photo of your hairy arse doing the nasty with some pot bellied hog of a man....or woman....oh, and I'm 14 but going on 40!


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