I Missed a Planetarium Show for This?

Submitted by Lou:

Maggie spent most of our coffee date telling me all about her ex-boyfriends: what they did, what she liked about them, what she didn't like about them, how they broke up with her, and how she got revenge on each of them.  I was done with Maggie after this discussion, but Maggie had other plans.

"Let's go to a planetarium show at the science museum tonight!" she suggested.

I didn't much care for Maggie, but I liked the idea of a planetarium show.  I hadn't been to one in years.

On our way there, Maggie (who was driving) turned off on a suburban side street and stopped the car.  "Come on," she said, "We have someone to see."

"This isn't the museum," I informed her, but my words fell on deaf ears.

I followed her up to a stoop in front of a dark green house and she rang the bell.  A guy answered the door and she pulled me forward.  She said, "Billy, this is my new boyfriend, Lou.  Unlike you, he has a steady job, prospects, and is great in bed."

Billy looked about ready to punch a hole through my face, so I said to Billy, "Uh... Maggie and I just met."

Billy turned to Maggie and said, "This is the third time you've done this this month.  Cut it out, or I'm calling the cops, psycho!"  He slammed the door closed.

Maggie said, "What an asshole," then turned to me and asked, "Ready for the planetarium?"

I told her that I wanted to be dropped back off at home immediately.  On our way there, she asked me over and over why I wanted to go straight home.  If not even she could figure it out, then I doubt any answer I could've given her would have sufficed.


  1. She drove!? Dude...(or is that, Madame?)...what up with that?\
    Was she going to pay too?
    You didn't care for her yet continued the date?
    You followed her up to a strange house?
    You really sounded masculine when you told her you to droop you off 'immediately'.
    I hope you didn't leave your purse in her car at the end of this 'date'.

  2. LMAO @ comment

  3. What's wrong with letting her drive? If your perception of a relationship is that the guy should pay for everything and generally fulfill all the typical-male roles than you need to arrive in the 21st century.

    @Lou - this story made me laugh. She sounds like a real creep with some serious issues.

  4. 21st century man is a panty waste. Tell me how he is superior with the trans-gender issues, role reversals, destruction of the family unit? Impending collapse of the entire social order due to children raising themselves while Mom works two jobs, and Dad spends every dime he gets on child support? Men wear the pants, they drive the cars, they earn the money. Women belong in the house, until the kids are grown and gone.

  5. @12:53: "Pantywaist". And hey, you don't want to spend every last dime you earn on child support? Next life around, wear a goddamn rubber.

  6. story is funny, though i dont like the guy nor the girl

    comments are awesome


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