Incident at the Dinner Dance

Submitted by Karl:

Melissa was a regular at my gym and I kept catching her watching me. I asked her out for a date to a dinner dance that was sponsored by one of my clients (I'm an accountant). I asked her if she'd be into going, and she sounded really excited about it. I believe her exact words were, "Dinner? Dancing? Two of my two favorite things!"

However, once there, Melissa was pretty quiet. I chalked it up to nerves, and I cracked some jokes, trying to help her relax.

She didn't want to dance at all, and she barely touched her food. People, myself included, asked her if she was okay, and she barely responded to anyone.

I was tired of sitting and not talking all night, so I asked her to speak with me outside of the room for a moment. I told her that we could go someplace else.

She replied by saying that I had obviously taken her there to make other women jealous and that she didn't appreciate being used in that way.

Nothing was further from the truth, but no amount of words seemed to convince her otherwise. Again, I offered to take her somewhere else, but she became really patronizing and insisted on staying.

Fine. I went back in there, finished my dinner, stood up, and danced with everyone. When I glanced up to look for Melissa, she was gone.


  1. Wow. She certainly has a high opinion of herself.

  2. Why would you bring a woman on a first date to a clients dinner? I can understand her not feeling comfy and all. Shame on you for putting that kind of pressure on her. And yea, I can see her thinking you took her there to show her off.

    I'm a guy so dont think i am another woman just sticking up for the girls.

  3. No, you're a faux-chivalrous douche just sticking up for the girls.

    That girl was stuck up enough for herself.

  4. Hm yeah I can see her thinking that. If she really meant something to you, you would have left with her.

  5. I think that taking a girl to a place where he knew people and she didn't was the wrong choice. Its a date - a place where two people try to learn about each other. Not to nod to every financial discussion probably going on. (I am pretty sure 98.4566322% accountant parties are boring - ask me how) This is no better than taking a date to a frat party. So what if she likes dancing and dining? Didn't he find ANY better place to take her? Cheapskate!

  6. Guy in question was probably acting a little too chummy with the other women there and the girl felt used. I would've bounced too. Horrendous location choice by the guy for a first date.

  7. @3:42: How could she mean anything to him when this was their first date? She didn't make a very good impression; she was being pouty and playing mind games. He tried to take her someplace where she'd feel more comfortable--i.e. not at a work function of his--but she refused, acting childish, so he decided (rightly, I think) "fuck it" and had a good time.

    And I'm generally with 7:49 on this one--he told her what kind of date it was going to be, and she was all about it. And if the other people at the function were asking her if she was okay, then one could assume that they had tried to make pleasant conversation with her too, and include her in their party. If she had any confidence in herself, she could have found a way to have a good time, despite not knowing as many people as he did.

  8. Going to a party with an accountant? How much fun can that be?


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