How Puzzling

Submitted by Rachel:

Greg invited me to a jigsaw puzzle date.  It was to be a night of putting puzzles together and it sounded unusual, so I was on board.

I arrived, we had a quick dinner, and he spilled out a puzzle.  As we put it together, I noticed that he wasn't too talkative.  In fact, he didn't talk at all.  I tried and tried to speak with him, but he barely even looked at me, his concentration was so focused.

Greg hadn't told me beforehand about his rule of not speaking while assembling puzzles.  He'd only speak at specified breaks, which were few and far between. By the time we had spent two hours together, he said perhaps five things to me.

At one point, as we were almost halfway done with one, he looked up at me and asked me the time.  He was wearing a watch and I said, "You tell me."

He looked down at his watch and said, "It's past ten.  Time for you to go."

So I went.  He called me up the next day, but I was too busy not assembling puzzles to assemble puzzles with him again.


  1. How...bizarre. You must really like putting together puzzles in silence to stay with some random guy for TWO HOURS doing just that. Honestly, I would have given it 45 mins - an hour and then said that it was time for me to go.

    Did he at least talk during dinner?

  2. Greg's puzzle-assembling routine had worked so well for him in the past that it atrophied his other social skills, but apparently he didn't care.

  3. What was the puzzle of?

  4. he asked you to assemble puzzles, not talk. what part do you not understand?

  5. Was it a puzzle of his own face? That would be amazing.

  6. "..but I was too busy not assembling puzzles to assemble puzzles with him again."

    Hahahahaha....Wow, that was funny. A real classic! Yaaawwwwwn. Next.........

  7. I'm puzzled.


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