Book Smart, But Not Street Smart

Submitted by Derek:

Cynthia showed up to our date with a big canvas bag of books. She asked if we could stop at the library first. I asked her why she didn't stop there on the way, and she said that she didn't want to be late. I told her that she could have called me and that I would have understood, but that I didn't have a problem accompanying her to the library. I even offered to help her carry her books.

The library was closed when we made it there. She was really upset, but there was nothing we could do. We had a date scheduled, and the books had to come along, as we had both taken public transportation.

Well, this was a heavy sack of books, let me tell you. We switched off carrying them back to the restaurant, and then for some reason she insisted on taking me to this dessert place that was way, way down the road.

"Maybe next time," I suggested, "Once we're not carrying a load of books."

"But I really want to go there," she whined.

"Next time," I said.

"You're assuming that there's going to be a next time," she said.

She was right, and I was finding her less and less interesting as the seconds ticked by.  So I said, "Let's just hit up a closer place.  Carrying these books anywhere more than a block is ludicrous."

She shouldered the books and said, "I'm going to this dessert place, whether you come with me or not."

"Fine.  I'll come.  Maybe we could take a taxi?"

She ignored this.  I offered to help her carry them there, but she insisted on carrying them the whole way, and took frequent breaks.  She was obviously upset at me.

I became bored about halfway there and told her good night.


  1. Elizabeth R.12/21/2009 9:42 AM

    I've never been to a library that didn't have a book return for after hours. This would have solved a problem, though sounds like this date wasn't going to be good no matter what.

  2. FINALLY someone who didn't continue on with dinner plans when it was pretty clear early on that the date wasn't going to go well. Brilliant.

  3. Another fine example of the OP being the bad date.

    Sorry Derek, but you were a jerk from the get go. How many bad dates do we read here about people arriving late? For once, here's someone who'd rather carry a bag full of books a bit longer just to make sure she won't be late. That's pretty honorable. But the way Derek reacted to this nice gesture was wrong, and sent the date downhill.

    If you "didn't have a problem accompanying her to the library" you should just shut up about it.

  4. Yeah, im with anon 10:11 on this one. I think you were the bad date.

  5. Both anon 10:11 and Vonshine are fucking retarded. It sounds like the stupid bitch had a simple chore that she SHOULD have done well before the date, and instead of being responsible and doing it on time she tried to get a chore done during a date (which I find to be very fucking rude, may I add.)

    Besides that, the chick was being a whiner near the end. He obviously doesn't wanna haul a sack of books down the street to whatever dessert cafe you want to go to, maybe you should accept his offer for a taxi or maybe just NOT BRING A HUGE SACK OF BOOKS ON A DATE.

  6. I think anon above me take this story a little too seriously. Calm down little man...

  7. Lame date on both ends. And yes, 10:22 needs to take a few deep breaths before he/she suffers an aneurysm.

  8. I tend to agree with 10:22. Why did she bring a bunch of books on a date? That is really rude. Plus, I have never ever heard of a library without a book drop.

  9. First of all, look for a book drop next time. I promise you, they exist.

    Second of all, instead of shifting the books from one person to the other, how about splitting up the number of books amongst each other?


  10. How on earth is the OP at fault here? I'm surprised by some of you who fault the OP. A woman who wants to do chores on a date? How rude is that? Oh, and she didn't have the foresight to go on the internet and check library hours either, which could have prevented this mess from occurring. Then she proceeds to act moody and defensive during the rest of the date, and yet you people here lay the blame on the OP? I wouldn't be surprised if you lot had some terrible dates in your past.

  11. Part of me wonders if she'd even read the books. She just wanted to look superior to him in literary ways...Maybe?

  12. I think Vonshine and Nikki need to understand that just because a guy types in caps, it doesn't mean he's freaking out. In fact, he's probably very calm and siping a hot Earl Grey tea.

  13. It wasn't the caps so much as the heated language and intensity of the words. The Internet is strange in that you can't tell a person's intonations unless you read "too much" into it.

    Enjoy your tea.

  14. Only Kanye West can type in caps while sipping Earl Grey. The rest of us use it to scream something on blogs.

  15. Kanye East Coast12/22/2009 11:51 AM

    Vonshine, I think your post is relevant, and I'ma letchoo finish, but CAPS LOCK IS THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME, SON!

  16. loooooool oh kanye, i knew you frequented this blog

  17. hold on....immalet u finish, but first I got to say. KANYE EAST COAST GOT THE BEST CAPS OF ALL TIME.

  18. 12:55 is a genius.


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