Dinner and a Haircut

Submitted by Ellen:

Peter offered to take me out for dinner, drinks, and dancing.  All of the above sounded good to me, but when I met up with him at the restaurant, he said, "I was thinking that we'd head back to my place after dinner."

I wasn't too comfortable with the idea, and told him so.  He shrugged and said, "Suit yourself."

After a short dinner in which I kept up the vast majority of the conversation, he asked if I'd stop with him on a quick errand.

I followed him down a couple of blocks, into a barber shop, where he got a haircut.  Once it was done, we walked outside and he said, "It was nice meeting you.  Have a good night," and walked back to his car.

WTF?  If you had already obviously decided that you didn't want to date me after the first ten minutes, then why ask me to come with you to watch you get a haircut?


  1. Hahaha excellent story!

  2. I suppose this was his way of getting back at you for refusing his invitation.

  3. So what's the deal with your hair? You shaved down there or what???

  4. Did he drive you? If not, then WHY did you go inside the barber shop with him and wait around for him to get a haircut? If you knew he wasn't interested, just cut the date short and say to hell with it. Hell, even if he did drive, it's called a cab. Cut your losses.

  5. this is awesome for 2 reasons:

    1) power to you for having the confidence to not do something you weren't really keen on doing

    2) power to him for getting an audience for his haircut after realising he would not be getting any.

  6. he wanted to do his "homework"


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