One Slight Hiccup

Submitted by Mark:

Ashley asked me to pick her up at her place for our first date.  When I got there, I called her.  No answer.  I knocked on her door.  No answer.  I knocked on a window.

A light went on.  She came to the door in a bathrobe.  "Yes?"

This was a little surprising.  I asked, "Ashley?  It's Mark.  We have a date tonight."

She glanced over her shoulder and said, "Tonight's no good.  My boyfriend's over.  I'll call you?"

I didn't have a chance to respond before she closed the door.


  1. @12:52 This doesn't sound like a blind date to me. If it WAS a blind date and she was looking at him from the window or something she would've been prepared to go out and would not have been wearing a bathrobe.

  2. 4:32, she threw on the bathrobe to cover up her dress clothes.

  3. Did she call you!!!??

  4. @12:52, not necessarily fat, maybe just ugly.

    agreed with 9:04. She probably had no intention of answering but figured this guy was just not going to give up so came up with the boyfriend story to get rid of her new stalker.

  5. wow..shes a lotta wrong

  6. I have to take a moment to say that this poor OP did nothing but share a strange story, and 2009 readers did nothing but attack his completely unknown physique and appearance. I apologize for their sake, OP, and can assure you that 2016 readers are a cut above the 2009 lot.

  7. I think they met on a dating site. A lot of girls on dating sites have boyfriends, but are looking for "guy friends" to drive them around, take them places, buy them food. He probably asked if she wanted to hang out. If you don't straight up tell a woman it is a date, hang out can take any connotation. He probably assumed her agreement meant she was viewing it as a date too. This happens all the time with this friend I used to have ahha


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