Women's Glib

Submitted by Adrian:

Erica sat in front of me in my economics class. The back of her head distracted me out of many lectures, and thought that the front of her head was similarly lovely. I asked her out for a Friday night.

She didn't say more than a sentence for the first hour that we were together. I had known some inhibited girls, bit this was a bit extreme. It was as if she was taking part in a dare to see how few words she could say to me.

I knew that all I had to do was engage her, so I picked the one thing that we both had in common: economics class. This opened her up, and she started in on how we didn't have any female teaching fellows.

I told her that I hadn't even noticed, but she took out her soapbox and stood on it. The rest of the date was her taking out what seemed to be years of frustrations for women on me. I sympathized with her words, but this didn't seem like the proper forum in which to be discussing them.

I'll never forget, after I dropped her off back at her place, she said, "I hope that I gave you something to think about. Maybe you'll treat women better from now on."

I retorted, "I will, cupcake."

She didn't like that, but I wasn't planning to call her again anyway.


  1. I've Met Many a Feminist11/09/2009 1:07 PM

    Eh, this doesn't seem like such a bad date. You probably could've use that her interest feminism to segway into other topics, like if she uses her free time to help work towards legislation. The las tline is pretty bitchy though, but it could've reflected your manner towards her during the date.

    Did you pay for the date entirely is what I want to know.

  2. Nice story, last line makes it.

    It's segue, Segway is a vehicle for morons slightly fitter than Rascal drivers.

  3. She sounds like a lesbian fish eater!

  4. Meh, this one was boring.

  5. When she finds a man who is willing to agree with her thoughts on all that feminist b.s., she'll quickly discover that she has no interest in spineless men who buy into that nonsense. She'll either grow out of it, become a spinster, or pair up with some other man-hating, crew-cut sporting, womyn's studies co-ed.

  6. would have been better if you called her 'sugar-tits'

  7. "sugar-tits" LMAO, yeah, that would have been classic.

    Anon @ 11:24 - The ironic thing about this type of woman is that in addition to the outcomes you predict, there is also the case of her ending up with a guy that treats her completely like shit. She will think that he is the kind of guy she can change, and in the mean time gets stepped all over like a old rug.


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