Not the Droid I Was Looking For

Submitted by Margaret:

I've always been a Star Wars nut, so when my friend Phil invited me over for Star Wars and wine, how could I refuse?

Phil was a nice guy and I was a bit attracted to him, so I wondered if he would try anything that evening.

He did. After a couple of glasses of wine, he kissed me, then pulled away and told me to wait a moment. He left the room.

He came back with a lightsaber in each hand, screaming like a banshee and swinging them at me like he meant to murder me. One of them even hit me!

I screamed and ran out of his house. He called me up right afterward and I told him that I didn't like feeling physically threatened. The Force was not strong with this one.


  1. Size matters not. Judged him by size, did you?

  2. You should have blown him, Chewbacca!

  3. I'm loving the fact that there is a star wars ad next to this right now..

  4. ^ There are ads on this site? o_O

  5. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  6. You screamed? I would have laughed and laughed. And still walked away. Oh and there is a star wars ad.


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