Have a Ball

Submitted by Callie:

Ryan took me out to a driving range and we bought a bucket of balls to hit.  Early in the session, he pointed to a target at the 250-yard mark. "Watch me hit it," he said.

He kept trying to hit it but kept falling short. My being impressed with him didn't hinge on his making of the shot and I told him so, but that didn't stop him from hitting ball after ball, harder and harder.

He got more and more angry as he kept missing, and grumbled under his breath with each new shot. He was spouting curses when I finally asked him to calm down.

He snapped at me and told me that he would hit it no matter what. He had done it before, he said.

I didn't doubt it, but I was getting hungry and was out of golf balls. He ordered another bucket and I told him that I wanted to go.

Eventually, he did hit the target and turned to me in triumph. I hope it was worth it, because I wasn't impressed with him anymore and didn't go out with him again.


  1. It starts with a golf club. It ends with an axe.

  2. Did you let him 'play through?"
    Did he get a 'hole in one?'
    How big was his driver?
    He sure had a lot of balls.

  3. Sound like this date was a little... rough

  4. did you let him put one in the hole?

  5. Haha, wouldn't it be great if she just looked at him and said "Oh, damn, I missed it, I was texting my friend..."

  6. ^ anon @ 10:03....That sounds like something I would do haha


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