Cruisin' for Chicks

Submitted by Arianna:

I was a college student in Manhattan when Clark asked me out.  I was expecting dinner, maybe dessert, maybe a walk, maybe something date-like.  Clearly, these options were the furthest thing from Clark's mind.

He picked me up outside of my dorm and told me that we were going to look for chicks.

"As in women?" I asked.

"No," he said, "As in baby chickens.  There must be one somewhere in Manhattan, and we're going to find it."

I thought he was joking, and I remember saying, "Maybe the meat-packing district."

He thought that this was a great idea and up we went to the meat-packing district.  I still couldn't believe that we were actually doing this, and I asked him if we'd be able to fit in time for dinner.

He said, "Wait a sec," and disappeared inside of a meat-packing place.  I was going to warn him against going in, but he was already gone.

A half-hour later, he hadn't come back out.  I tried calling him, but he didn't answer.  I left and never heard from him again.  It's too bad, as it was actually a fun sort of adventure.  I hope he found the chick he was looking for.


  1. Heh. He went inside a place in the Meat Packing District after you'd warned him against it, and you never heard from him again. I wonder if ANYONE heard from him again. LOL

  2. haha...you're right...I've seen scary movies like that

  3. Clark...He's waht's for dinner! Eeww.

  4. That's great. I wonder if he was successful, or if he was in my last sandwich. Either way, the sandwich was delicious.

  5. maybe he liked the way they packed meat in there.

  6. Lol i think he was trying to avoid taking you out to dinner, maybe he didn't have money? Maybe he didnt wanna waste it on you, etc so when you asked he bolted... LOL

  7. 2:04 possibly made this joke years ago.... but I can't help the punny calling my name.

    He probably got too caught up packing his meat. Cha cha cha!


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