I Was the Third Wheel on My Own Date

Submitted by Joe:

My date with Jennifer was all perfectly planned.  We had agreed to meet at a coffee place and then move on from there.

I showed up and Jennifer was already there... with someone else.  Another girl.  Jennifer turned to me and told me that it was her friend Alyssa, and that she was coming along with us.

I said, "So this isn't a date, then?"

She said, "It still can be!"

I said, "Uh... no it can't."

She said, "Well, she's my friend and she's coming along."

I said, "If she's coming, then it's not a date.  We're just three friends who are hanging out."

"She's my friend and I'm not telling her to leave."

Alyssa piped up, "I can leave."

Jennifer raised her voice slightly and said, "No, Alyssa.  You stay.  I don't see what the issue is here.  I want her to come along."

I said, "That's fine.  Then it's not a date."


Anyway, it ended about fifteen minutes later when they both went to go see a movie that I didn't want to see.


  1. I guess it was her chaperone?

  2. wow does she still think she is 12 or something?

  3. i could be wrong, but sometimes women do need to warm up to someone, so she brought a friend for the first date. big deal. if she brings her friend the second time then yea, dont bother with her. i think the dude had a bad attitude going into it.

  4. It's fine to bring someone along but she was wrong for picking an activity that wouldn't interest him.

  5. This genius passed up a shot at a threesome.

  6. Joe sounds like the jerk here. If you want to spend time with the girl, then be a little flexible. What's the point of arguing over every small detail? Meet someone new, sacrifice two hours for a movie you might not have chosen yourself, and actually get to know the girl before you throw a hissy fit.

  7. No way. If he had gone with them, he would have just wasted his time. His mistake was spending the fifteen minutes before leaving.

  8. ...because whenever there are two women together, of course they're looking for a guy to join their sexual adventures.

  9. "Anyway, it ended about fifteen minutes later when they both went to go see a movie that I didn't want to see."

    Dude, do you want to know how many bad movies I have seen just to try and get laid? I think most guys have seen a lot of bad movies...

  10. that is stupid. If it were a guy friend or an ex or something like that, maybe ud be the third wheel.

    Had she just run into her after a very long time withtout seeing each other, maybe? and then she didnt want to ditch u, but wanted to spend time with her friend? I dont know... but I would say alright then, we can go out some other time, I will hang out with my friend.

    Plus, when people are with friends they are in ther comfort zone... not that you´d plan a date like that, but it is nice to see how they REALLY are behind all that "first date rules bull shit"


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