Throwing Decorum to the Winds

Submitted by Hunter:

I met Alice on a subway.  We unexpectedly started up a conversation and she gave me her number.

Our date was at a nice restaurant that was built out of a former train station.  The waiter came by and she watched after him.

"Mmm," she said, "Wow, he's hot."

I asked her, "That's a weird kind of thing to say on a date."

Her eyes widened and she said, "This is a date?  I'm sorry!  Forget I said it, okay?"

This was already a bit of a strike against her, but I figured that perhaps it was an honest mistake.  I thought I had made it clear that it was a date, but, well, maybe I didn't.

As dinner continued, she clearly became more and more interested in the waiter.  Finally, when he came with the check and asked if we wanted anything else, she blurted, "Your number," to him.

The waiter gave me a careful look, and I sat back and said, "Go for it.  She won't be getting another date out of me."

The waiter said, "Thanks for your interest, but I'm engaged."

Alice was clearly disappointed.  CHUMP!


  1. revenge is sweet

  2. Bam! Just like that.

  3. wait, so your date hit on the waiter in front of you....and who's the chump?

  4. one girl i dated was bi-sexual, she kept going to the back and doing shots with the waitress, when my tab came, it was over $100 bucks, i had 3 beers, I paid for the beer, and left her in the back doing another shot.


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