Dollars and Nonsense

Submitted by Angela:

Jeffrey made it clear from the get-go that I was so very lucky to be out on a date with him.  He told me that he canceled three other dates to see me on that Friday night.  I asked him why he chose me over them and he said it was because he liked me the most.

We went to see a movie and then hit up an ice cream place.  Every time I asked him what he did for a living, he deflected it by changing the subject and talked about how great he was.

Finally, I pinned him down with, "A guy as great as you must have an amazing job."

He raised his eyebrows suggestively and said, "I live and I love. Isn't that enough?"

I said, "But what do you do for a living?"

He shoved himself away from the table and stood up.  "I should've known that you were one of those women who only cares about money," he spat, then threw a dollar bill down on the table.  He continued, "Here, that's all you'll get out of me," and left the ice cream place.

I didn't like the idea of being paid for my time on a date.  I'm not a hooker.  I knew his address, and so I went there and taped the dollar bill to his door.


  1. ..how great he was at what? Give examples if he's so great but never mentioned his job...what could he brag about? I liked they way you gave his buck back!

  2. Why the fuck do so many people on this site go for ice cream on a first date? Is it some kind of aphrodisiac, and I just never read that journal article?

  3. Nikki, ice cream is AWESOME, duh.

    Giving him back his dollar is badass.

  4. Anon #2 is right! He cancelled three other "dates," i.e. clients!

  5. You seem lame. You give no examples of his boasting, so I imaging that his boasting wasn't actually that bad.

    You had no interest in getting to know him other than what he does? You seem shallow and got what you deserved.

    A woman who only dates men who have money is a kind of a hooker. If money is a prerequisite for love, it's only two steps away from selling your body for drug money.

  6. I feel sorry for you. Hope you have better luck with a guy next time!

  7. @Anon 4:06

    I agree that examples of the boasting would have made the story better and more credible (not that it lacked credibility though)...but there was nothing to imply she had no interest in getting to know him other than what he does.

    She asked him a question that he was avoiding, of course that makes the OP more curious. Why is he avoiding it? What is he trying to hide?

    I thought the ending was classic. If I was the guy I would have felt like an ass finding the dollar on my door.

  8. Both the people in this story gave away a dollar bill, I'm pretty sure that disproves either one of them is a hooker!

  9. Why did you go out of your way to tape a single dollar bill to his door. That is pretty creepy. You shoulda spent it on coke.

  10. i guess the buck stops here.

  11. You should of wrote on the dollar ''Here's you buck, you probably need it more then me''.

    And to 4:06 - You're a idiot, if she was a gold digger she would of found out what he did for a living BEFORE she agreed to go out with him. It was curiousity that made her keep asking. If someone is avoiding a simple question theres gotta be a reason for it. I'd keep asking too. if he told me he was unemployed i'd still be respectful i wouldnt automatically dislike him. I'd then find out why and how long and I would see if he's ever been to college, etc (To find out if he's a slacker w.no motivation or if theres a reason why he might be currently unemployed.) Get a grip.. She obviously was attracted to him if she went on a date with him..

    And i'm surprised he didnt just lie about the job like he lied about his ''3 dates he cancelled.''


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