Spaghetti-Lap the Stalker

Submitted by Sarah:

I met Wes my freshman year of college.  He asked me out and when he picked me up at my dorm his truck died.  After waiting 15 minutes for Wes to pop the hood and rub two wires together to start the truck, we finally left for dinner.

Conversation was horrible and I just wanted out of there.  Then Wes accidentally dumped his spaghetti into his lap. 

Determined to still make a go of it, he said that he wanted to take me to a movie.  Now, being a broke college student, I thought at least I could get a free movie out of it, so I agreed.

During the movie, which was not romantic at all, he kept trying to put his arm around me and hold my hand.  I kept leaning the other direction, hoping that he would take the hint.

Afterwards, the truck died once more, forcing me to sit in the freezing cold for 30 minutes while he rubbed the wires together again.  It was an incredibly awkward date and I had never been so happy to get home.

Two days later, I was talking to my mother on the phone when she asked about my date with Wes.  I hadn't told her about it, so I asked her how she knew.  Apparently, Wes had a friend in his fraternity from my hometown and had spent the past two days learning everything about me including my family's name and number, my entire class schedule, the car I drove, and who I usually hung out with.  Can we say creepy?  Suffice it to say, I didn't walk around by myself for months after that date.


  1. he went through all of that trouble just to make an ass out of himself. awesome.

  2. Sounds like he liked you and did the best with what he had. I understand if the date wasn't fun, but he doesn't sound creepy.

  3. @2:00
    He didn't sound creepy until the last paragraph. That is waaaaay creepy. That goes beyond facebook stalking.

  4. Agreed with Anon from 2:09, the last paragraph is a little creepy. Why not just ask her about these things directly? Why go investigating thru other means? Definitely creepy.

  5. last paragraph was at the very least embellished if not outright fabricated. This girl has issues, the type that scream "someone I don't like is paying attention to me, they MUST want to chop me up and put me in the freezer." as is evidenced by the fact that she couldn't go anywhere by herself for MONTHS afterward. Y'all need to get over yourself.

  6. I agree with Anon#5. That last paragraph was hyperbole, and anyway, it's something that right-out-of-high-school people do: ask around about you first. Besides, you don't automatically toss a guy who can fix cars on the fly.

  7. "Being a broke College student, I thought I'd at least get a free movie out of it?"

    What a cunt.

    Serves you right having to wait 30 minutes in the cold. If you don't like a guy, why continue the date and let him pay for you. Surprised you didn't let him take you out afterwards so you could get some free booze in you.

    1. Exactly. Firstly, college students often dont have much money, so their cars arn't necessarily as reliable.

      Secondly, he accidentally dumped spaghetti in his lap. Bummer, accidents happen.

      Finally, she scams a free movie out of him, despite not being interested in him at all.

      I don't really believe the last bit at all. Most likely he asked his mate about her, and got whatever info his mate told him. I highly doubt he spent 2 days getting this information. It would have been more like 'bro, shes a bitch, and she lives here'.

  8. It didn't sound like you gave him any chance at all. I mean, really--broke college students have cars that break down; people spill things...get over yourself. And...asking someones' mom about them? Usually means they like someone and are insecure, so they want to be prepared. Now, if he'd FOLLOWED you for two days...

  9. i strongly dislike the person who posted this, poor guy had some bad luck...she's broke college student using him for a free movie ticket, yet bitching about his truck?!?

  10. This poor guy needs a break. He sounds like a nice guy. He can fix a truck and he's unlucky enough to spill his food in his lap. Then he likes her and asks around town about her. That sounds like a guy who's a bit infatuated, not creepy. She on the other hand sounds like a stuck up bitch. I hope he does better than her.

  11. I'm with Anonymous 3:48 here. You can't go use a guy to get a free movie then complain about it in the same sentence. I think he was the guy with the bad date.

  12. Just so you know: A. The story is entirely true. B. I went out with him b/c I thought he seemed nice and no one else would go out with him, now I know why. C. The guy's family was loaded and he was incredibly obnoxius and cocky, so yeah, I let a rich douche buy me dinner and movie, considering I paid my own way through college. D. My hometown was 3 hours away, not like he "asked around town," he tracked down my family to find out information on me, including where I would be at all times, that goes a little beyond infatuation don't you think? Do you want some person you went out with once finding out where you are 24/7? E. How do I know he wasn't following me around? He got my mom's number (which I didn't give out), and got my class schedule (not public knowledge). F. I actually felt a little bad for the guy until he went all stalker.

  13. Oh my!!!! YOU actually paid your own way through College? Good girl! Doggie treat, anybody?

    You seemed to know his background pretty good (family being loaded; nobody else would go out with him)....why is it wrong for him to ask a frat buddy some questions about you?

    I think it's okay to do a little due diligence on somebody... Maybe he did it to see what trailer park you came from or to see if you are just a gold digger.

    Enjoy your cold, lonely, paranoid single life, chicky

  14. I know his background b/c he told me, all he did was talk about himself. For the record, his frat buddy didn't know me, I'd never even heard of the guy. The friend had to ask a friend, who asked a friend, who eventually wound back around to my mom. FYI I didn't come from a trailer park and I'm happily married to a wonderful guy who also started out as a bad date, but he didn't find out everything about me behind my back.

  15. ..happily married....?

    ooooof course you are...ahem

  16. Just so were clear here...

    The guy from your date asked a frat brother, who asked a 2nd person, who asked a 3rd person, who was in the movie JFK with Kevin Bacon, who knew your mom?

    Do you really believe this yourself Sarah? Let's imagine that MacGyver here from your date was crazy enough to ask all of his frat brothers about you, and let's pretend that they were even willing to ask ALL OF THEIR friends if they had even heard of you...do you really think it would go beyond that?

    As for being married, that part I believe about you. You admitted to dating this guy since no one else would, and anyone with low standards is bound to meet someone who treats them well.

  17. Anon 4:08 - haha i agree, OP's a compulsive liar. Trying to exaggerate the story to make herself feel better. It's a desperete way for attention. LOL she can't even afford her own movie ticket and she talks like a preteen. Definitly can see why she's single.


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