The Sound of Silence

Submitted by Nick:

When I was in college, a buddy's girlfriend, Jennifer, introduced me to her friend Paula. Paula seemed a bit shy, but she was at a party where she didn't know most of the people there.

Jennifer got the idea that we should go on a double date. It seemed like a great idea to me, but after two weeks of trying to get everyone's schedules together I just decided to take Paula out on my own.

I called her, set up a time, and agreed to pick her up at her dorm.  I suggested a TGIFridays (give me a break.  I was in college and broke.) and she seemed fine with it.

When we got there, she informed me that she didn't eat beef, chicken, or pork. So I felt like an ass because there was a more vegetarian-friendly Italian restaurant that we could have gone to.  This would actually be the high point of the evening, because it was one of the few times at which she opened her mouth to speak. 

While trying to get to know her during dinner, she gave short one or two-word answers to all of my questions. She lived in Dubai for a while and said it was hot. She had basically no questions for me either. So I struggled to cover the vast amount of awkward silences, but to no avail.

We finished dinner, went to a play, and I dropped her off.

I got a call from Jennifer a week latter yelling at me for not calling Paula back, but how could I talk to someone over the phone if she would probably never even open her mouth to communicate?


  1. A woman that doesn't talk....ahhhhh.....sounds like a perfect date to me, stoop!

  2. She didn't even make the effort? Good on you for making it the first and only date.

  3. Please! JMG I hate to argue but she might have just been awkward. It happens. Not every person opens up right away. I'm sure by date 2 she would have been friendlier.

  4. I understand what you're saying. I just think that if someone says yes to a date, then he or she should be ready for it. Nothing would have stopped this girl from saying, "I don't think I'm ready" to this guy.

  5. TGIFriday's is a loud, obnoxious place. Perhaps she was a soft-spoken girl and the place intimidated her.

    Still - vegetarians anger me.

  6. Shy girls want to go out too!

  7. LOL, I could imagine her writing in to say she went on a date, and the guy wouldn't stop talking!

    ARG! It's amazing that anyone ever hooks up, isn't it?

    But yeah, vegans? Umm, no, steak and garlic are manna from above!

  8. The best part was her commentary on Dubai. Yeah, I once went swimming - it was wet.

  9. Dubai is hot. I mean...I've lived there too, and that's all I got.


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