Moonshine Lullaby

Submitted by Grace:

Ben picked me up for our date in a Plymouth that was more rust than original paint.  He was really excited and had a lot of personality. 

He took me to a local diner that served fresh seafood.  Aside from picking up his crab dinner and making it dance and talk to me, it wasn't at all unpleasant.

After dinner, he told me that he had a surprise for me.  He opened his trunk and pulled out a glass jug of clear fluid.  He uncorked it and handed it to me.  It smelled awful.

"I made it," he said.  "Drink some."

I don't really drink, so I politely declined.  This upset him.  He said that he made it for me and that it took him a really long time.  When I declined again, he said that it was perfectly safe, and to prove it, he took a big swig of it, right then and there.

I still refused, and he said that he'd keep drinking until I told him that I'd try some.  I told him that that was a stupid idea, but he kept drinking, more and more, until he was just sort of wiggling on the ground and unable to stand.

I called for an ambulance and they had to pump his stomach.  That was the end of the date.


  1. lol!! that is too funny!!

  2. This guy sounds hysterical. Please go on another date with him.

  3. Your fault for not accepting his gift...How hard would if have been for you to wet your lips and/or just take the bottle and throw it out after the date or something? Sheeyit!

  4. haha thats awesome, and comeon that guys the man.SECOND DATE

  5. Gah!! He sounded kinda cool, in a quirky sorta way(A dancing crab? Luv it!), but trying to force you to do something by endangering himself is a warning sign in big neon letters. Emotional blackmail, anyone? I don't blame you for not drinking it, either...made wrong, 'shine can kill you.

  6. He sounds fun. Please don't date him again, save him for someone else that's also fun.

  7. This guy is dumb for thinking you should drink his strange liquid. Roofie-colada anyone?


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