Single Moms Need Love, Too

Submitted by Bill:

Amy was a single mom, and that's cool. At the start of our dinner date, she told me that she wasn't out looking for a father for her son.  She was just looking to meet people and see what happened.  That sounded fine.

Would I like to see a few pictures of Andy, her 2-year-old?  Why not?  She then proceeded to show me picture after picture after picture of her brood.  Here he is sleeping.  Here he is eating.  Here he is watching TV.  Here he is blowing his nose.  Here he is sleeping again.  Here he is in a diaper.  Here he is sleeping while watching TV.  Here he is blowing his nose in a diaper.

Dinner came, but this woman didn't take a breath.  I was done with my dinner, and she hadn't even touched hers.  She was too busy telling me stories about little Andy.

It took the waitress coming over to check on us to remind her that we were, in fact, out to dinner.

Amy told me that Andy would probably really like me and that I ought to meet him because I seemed nice.  I have no idea where Amy would've gotten this information from, as I barely had said more than three sentences to her up until that point.  I told her that we'd see what would happen.

Nothing.  That's what.


  1. Best post ever! Have a bottle on me!

  2. My #1 rule for dating or even making friends is NO KIDS.

  3. If that was the only thing wrong on the date then give the woman a break.. I'm sure she wouldn't go into that a second time, and if she did then you could grow a pair and just call her out on it.

  4. Your fault for letting her continue. If you acted interested how can you blame her for trying to be friendly and keep the conversation flowing.

  5. You 'seemed' nice because you let her babble on about her brat for the entire date. Good on ya to get out...but shame on you for not excusing yourself to use the bathroom and bail!

  6. You should have shown her a picture of something totally stupid and gone into detail on what it is, what it does, who makes it... All I can think of is Nick Swardson's joke about his nephew with Pokemon.

  7. She did kinda misrepresent herself there in the beginning talking that "not looking for a father for my kid" BS. Then proceeding to launch into a billion pictures/stories about her kid. If you're looking for friends first and see what happens, that's fine and dandy, don't bring up meeting the kid on the first date. That's not cool for YOU or for the kid to be meeting the random strangers his mom brings home after one date.


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