The Cruel Reign of Jaws Still Touches Us All

Submitted by Jacob:

Willa and I were at dinner.  I asked her about the shark tooth that she wore as a pendant around her neck.

She said, "It's in memory of my friend.  He was killed by a shark."

I asked her if she was serious and she snapped, "Yes, I'm serious!" and then started crying.

She was down in the dumps for the rest of the date, and that was the last time that I saw her.


  1. You should have asked if she paid more than a FIN for that pendant.

  2. You should tell her that a Shark Death is probably the manliest way to die...just right after getting being Gored by a Bull.


  4. Did she really love her friend?? I mean, keeping a sharks tooth to remind yourself of a friend who was gored by the beast isn't exactly the first thought to cross my mind.It say more about "Thank you shark for goring my friend" than "Hommage" lol

  5. Sharky: This is like crucifixes. "Oh yeah, my lord died on a cross, so I'm gonna go and do a homage to the buggers that killed him by wearing this".

  6. Am I the only one who thinks the OP was a little bit jerkish?

    ...Oh, wait, this is the commenting section in ABCofD. Of course I'm the only one who thinks that.

  7. If you were wearing a flannel shirt, you could have told her that your friend was killed by a flannel shirt.

  8. "If you were wearing a flannel shirt, you could have told her that your friend was killed by a flannel shirt."

    I'd think a flannel shirt would mean their friend was killed by a lumberjack. :D

  9. This is a sad story if her friend really did get killed by a shark. But if she's not ready to talk about it, she might avoid wearing a shark's tooth necklace in plain view. People might ask about it, and she might have to tell her sad story.

  10. Post for Nikki:


  11. No way her friend was actually killed by a shark. Sharks kill maybe ten-twelve people a decade- usually small children or old people. If it had happened recently you would have seen it on the news.


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