A Loud and Bouncy Time

Submitted by Ryan:

I asked Erin out for a movie and dinner. The movie went fine, and when we went out of the theater, she told me that she got a text message from a friend telling her that there was a party going on. She asked if we could go to the party instead of dinner.

I was hoping for a date in which each other would be the main focus, but she was really into going to the party, so we went.

The party was in a house. The music was about a hundred times louder than it needed to be, and the only way to hear anyone in the place was to shout as loudly as you could.  There was an open window on the second floor, where people would jump out to land on a giant moonwalk below. That looked like fun, but before I could enjoy it, Erin grabbed my arm.

She told me that I had to go home and change, and that she would wait for me. I asked her why, and she told me that the party wasn't really a "polo shirt and jeans" kind of place.

There were people around dressed in all kinds of ways, but mostly casual, and no one seemed to give me a second glance. I asked her why I couldn't just stay the way I was, and she raised her voice, asking me why I had to be just like every other guy she has dated.

I didn't need that crap, so I pushed past her, further into the party, and ended up getting some other girl's number.


  1. I was hoping it ended with "so I pushed her out the second floor window..."

  2. And how'd the date go with THAT girl?

    PS: How sweet was the jumping-out-a-window-onto-a-moonbounce? I need to live vicariously here...

  3. Why would you have to dress up at a party where they are jumping out of a 2nd floor window?

  4. I'm glad you got another girl's number. Your date sounds like she had issues.

  5. This sounds awesome. The party, I mean. I hope you landed some bounce time.

  6. Don't you mean "moonbounce"? "Moonwalk" is a dance move...


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