I Don't Recall - Did We Even HAVE a Date?

Submitted by Jess:

When I was a senior in college, I met Greg, a good looking guy, at a birthday party. He seemed fun and we had some things in common, so we exchanged numbers. Over the next couple of weeks, we exchanged texts and IMs. The next time I was heading into the area he lived in, I told him and we decided to meet up for a drink.

Things started well enough and he invited me to a party at his house. I drove over, then enjoyed a beer and talked with some of his friends while he participated in a drinking game. I guess the alarm bells should have gone off when one of his friends said "Wow, you seem normal... what are you doing here with Greg?"

After a bit, I told him that I was going to head downtown to meet my sister and her friends at a bar. He said that he wanted to come with me, and since I didn't exactly know where I was going, I agreed. Once I started driving, I realized that Greg had gotten drunk pretty quickly while playing his drinking game. I shrugged it off and was only slightly annoyed when he instructed me to drive the WRONG WAY down a one way street.

When we arrived at the bar, he handed me $20 and said, "Get me, you, and your sister some beers... I gotta take a leak."  I didn't see him the rest of the night, but had fun hanging out with my sister and her friends. When the lights came up at last call, Greg was stumbling around, clearly black-out drunk. I was nice enough to tell him that he had come with me, and offered him (and one of my sister's friends) a ride home. He in turn asked to ride in my TRUNK. No, it's okay, you can sit in the passenger seat!

I drove Greg back to his house and woke him up. He looked at the house and said "Hey! I don't live here!"  My sister's friend walked him to the door and handed him over to his roommates.

The next morning I received a text from Greg saying, "Hey, I just woke up with all the lights on, still in my clothes from last night. Whatever happened, I am really really sorry."  He called and texted for a few months, but I never wanted to see Greg again.


  1. You should have let him ride in your trunk, then forgotten about him the way that he forgot about you.

  2. I think you should've given the poor guy a second chance - haven't we all made a bit of a tit out of ourselves when drunk? Its not like he did anything that bad

  3. I could not disagree more. No second chances for that behaviour! The guy's an ass, and even if he was just having a rough night, hope you have a better night witb somebody else.

  4. I've heard worse. I'm not saying date him again but he doesn't seem bad just drunk. And hell he apologized!

  5. I went on a few dates a guy whose friends asked me the same thing when I first met them at a party at his house. He was also a stumbling drunk any time he wasn't at work. I feel your pain...

    (He also apologized constantly throughout the night when he was drunk, saying "I'm sorry I'm such a loser." Same guy? lol)

  6. I bet this was in Athens, GA.


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