Something to Be Thankful For

Submitted by Richard:

Kelly was a new girlfriend at the time of last year's Thanksgiving.  I invited her to spend it with my family, and she was quiet through most of the meal, until one of my relatives asked her about herself.

During her response, Kelly mentioned that she was a singer.  Some of my younger relatives asked her to sing something, although the older folks warned them not to put her on the spot.

Kelly stood up and belted out a single high note, no song.  She sat back down.  One of my younger relatives said, "Can you sing a song?"

Kelly turned to him and said, "Leave me the hell alone."

No one spoke to her after that, and even I found it hard to continue thinking of her as likable.


  1. Definitely very rude of her to do what she did...she was a guest, would have been nice to give back.

    That being said, I know what it's like to be put on the spot when I don't want to perform (I'm a musician myself)...doubt I would have said that.

  2. Amen Anon #2!

  3. Maybe the turkey was too dry for her liking.

  4. I'm an asshooooleoeoeoooo!

  5. Kelly sounds like a legend.

  6. @Anon 1: It IS awkward to be put on the spot, especially in front of the family of your (relatively new) boyfriend in a holiday setting. However, there are MUCH better, more gracious ways of declining. There's really no excuse for telling a little kid to fuck off, essentially.

  7. ok dude...you dont bring a NEW girlfriend to thanksgiving. recipe for disaster.


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