Bet on a Bad Date

Submitted by Denise:

Will took me to a casino for a date.  I was doing well at blackjack when I realized that he wasn't with me anymore.  I left the table and looked for him.  When I couldn't find him after a while, I called him up.

"Where are you?" I asked him.

"At the casino," he said.  We were at a place with about four nearby casinos, so that was no help.

He said that he was at the casino that happened to be the furthest away from where we had started.  I asked him how he had made his way all the way over there, and he said that he had bumped into some old friends and decided to follow them there to catch up.  So much for telling me.  So much for our date.


  1. I said I was sorry. You seemed entranced anyway and besides, who said it was a date? Nobody goes to a casino on the first date.

  2. That is an asshole move no matter what the status is of the relationship. Who walks off on someone they brought to a casino? Someone who is both inconsiderate and self-absorbed, that's who. Sorry you had to suffer through a date with someone like this. At least you found out what his true character is before getting serious.

  3. Waitwaitwait. Denise (date disser) and Will (dissed date) both hang out here?

  4. he's not the real guy. they change the names in the blogs, so the real guy's name wasn't Will...

    and, that guys a dick. weather it was a date or not doesn't matter, you don't ditch someone your hanging out with

  5. You left the table when you were winning? Psht, women.

  6. No my name is actually Will, I just never took this lovely lady out on this date. This Will that took her out however, made the rest of us Will's look bad.


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