Music, Sweat, and Insecurity

Submitted by Jessica:

Stephen offered to take me to a concert for our first date.  It was a band I had heard a little bit about, but I definitely wanted to go and hear them.

The trouble began when we hit the ticket window.  Stephen only brought enough money for a little over one ticket.  I was certainly able to pay my own way, but when a guy offered to take me out somewhere, I figured that he would be the one treating me.

He tried to put some light on the situation by saying, "It's like a gift to each other."  Whatever.  I don't know you well enough yet to buy you any kind of "gift," dude.

The place was bona fide packed.  There were literally no cracks to squeeze between.  It was a fire hazard with four corners.  My kind of place, actually.  I grabbed Stephen's wrist and pulled us up front.

It was midway through the second song when I noticed that Stephen wasn't so much dancing as much as he was just being jostled by the crowd and giving me a dark kind of look.

Over the music, at the top of my lungs, I screamed, "What's wrong?"

He screamed back, "Nothing!  You have fun!"

What a loaded answer.  Still, I was there for fun and not for games, so fun I had.  Lots of it.

When we left a couple of hours later, I asked him what the problem was.  He said, "I didn't like seeing you dancing that close to other guys."

I cried, "It was impossible to not dance close to people in there!  By your logic, you were dancing really close to other girls.  What do I care?  We're all there to have a good time, and I knew that we were on a date."

He whined, "You could've paid more attention to me."

I said, "We were at a concert.  I was paying attention to the music, the crowd, and you.  If you wanted me to be centered only on you, then we should've done dinner instead."

I'm not into the insecure, so that was it for us.  At least I had a mostly good time and discovered a new band that I didn't know much about before.


  1. definately insecure... I hope you didn't go on any more dates with this guy, he sounds possesive and needy. If he was going to act like that on a first date, imgaine what he's like after he's exclusive with someone...

    also, you essentially took yourself to the concert, so he had no claim to you anyways.

  2. A concert is an awful place for a first date... decent story, but what's wrong with giving us the name of the band???

  3. You should totally know better than to dance so close to other guys in a packed concert venue where there's barely room to move much less dance. Duh. But it's ok that he's dancing near girls because guys gotta be pimpin.


  4. Well, technically, he was dancing pretty close to guys too... He gay.

  5. Sorry, dear, but you sound like an asshat. I never assume anyone else is paying for me unless they tell me they want to *take* me to an event or a dinner. And you were supposed to be on a date *with him,* not just there to see the band. Not everyone likes "fire hazard(s) with four corners," and it sounds like you didn't care whether or not he was having a good time. I feel sorry that poor Stephen wasted an evening on you.

  6. @anon 10:00: even if he HAD paid for her,that doesn't give him 'claim' to her. She's a person,not a pet. You're clearly one of those guys who think youre entitled to women's bodies if you 'pay for it'. Get thee to a downtown street corner


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