Perturbed in the Pumpkin Patch

Submitted by Melanie:

As part of our date, Kenny took me out to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for his front porch.  We went up and down the lines of pumpkins and at some point I looked up and didn't see him anywhere.  Then I heard, "Hey Mel!  Think fast!" I turned and saw him tossing a sizable pumpkin at me.

There was no way I could have caught it, so I dodged aside and let it hit the ground, where it dented and split.  I yelled, "What the hell?"

One of the workers there called, "You'll have to pay for that!"

Kenny replied, "She will!  She didn't catch it."

I thought he was just kidding on top of being thoughtless, but when we made it to the counter with the pumpkin he finally picked out, he told me to pay for the broken one.  I refused, saying that I didn't break it; he had tossed it in the first place.  The worker sided with me, and Kenny used colorful language to describe both of us before shelling out the cash for the bruised pumpkin.

He didn't call me again after that, and I wasn't complaining.  What would he throw at me next time?


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