The Opposite of Smooth

Submitted by Janet:

I had been seeing Anthony for about a month and had introduced him to my family and friends and everything seemed fine.  We seemed to like each other.

One day, he unexpectedly broke up with me.  He said something about us "not being a good fit," and that he wanted to "explore his options."

Exploring his options meant contacting my younger sister, Emily, and asking her out.  Very persistently.  She turned him down, of course.


  1. OK...so...Janet...where's the dating part of the story?

  2. Yeah that's why you don't date douchebags Janet. At least you learned your lesson.

  3. I think I want to date Emily too.

  4. The bad date must have been November 24, 2009 when this non-story first appeared on this site...

  5. There's no need to get pissy towards the OP when it's the blog's moderator who really should have made the editing decision to decide whether or not this belonged on a site about bad dates. People should be free to submit whatever they want, with the understanding that this is about *dates*, not just awkward relationship situations.

    I can sympathize with Janet though. After my high school boyfriend broke up with me, he persistently called every one of my female friends and tried to have sex with them. They, like Emily, turned him down as well.

  6. damnit Janet...

  7. Hey, I like all the stories posted here, be they about dates or not.

    Keep them coming!

  8. you should have hooked him up with the dude trying to date his co-worker's 15 yr old daughter.

  9. @7:09 the dud wasn't trying to date his co-worker's 15 year old daughter. The co-worker was trying to set him up with the daughter. Pay attention!

  10. bullcrap 1:03, that dude was the only one in the room thinking about porking the daughter.


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