A Nail-Biting Good Time

Submitted by Todd:

In college I worked at a sandwich place, and one of my coworkers there, Cindy, was smokin' hot.  I asked her out to dinner and a local play.  She was down with it.

The thing about Cindy is that she drummed her fingers CONSTANTLY.  I must have never noticed before, but on the date, she was doing it NON-STOP on the table, in the car, probably even on the nearby walls.

She was probably nervous, and I wanted to make her more comfortable (and make her stop that infernal finger-drumming) so I reached across the table and said, "Hey, relax.  It's okay."

She said, "It's not okay.  I know what you're expecting.  You're expecting what all guys expect."

"What all guys expect?"

"Yes.  You're going to want it from me and you can't have it."

She went back to drumming her fingers.  She bit the nails of her other hand.  I said to her that it was okay, that we could stay friends and that I wasn't expecting anything.

She then asked if I had already imagined us as a couple. I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable so I told her that I hadn't.  Then, as a joke, I added (but probably shouldn't have), "Well, until you mentioned it just now."

She stopped drumming on the table and bit her nails even more furiously.  I leaned back and said, "Let's just enjoy dinner, and then we'll be done.  Sound good?"

She shrugged, but for me, that was as good as a yes.


  1. Who doesn't want sexy?

  2. sexy time for all

  3. She sounded paranoid. But maybe she's just used to the same old BS from guys. Oh well, not your problem.

  4. She probably has saggy boobs and beef curtains and when you said ''Well no not until now'' she probably got even more nervous because she probably thinks you are picturing ''A better looking va j j'' and her boobs are probably being held up by a wired bra... LMAO


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