An Evil Petting Zoo

Submitted by Audrey:

John took me to a petting zoo for a first date. He pointed at one of the pigs and told me that it looked like me. I figured he was kidding and when we reached the cows, I told him that their smell reminded me of him.

That got him mad. Like serious, non-kidding mad. "I use Old Spice!" he repeated over and over! "I use Old Spice!"

I told him that I was kidding, just like he was about me looking like one of the pigs. He said, "But I wasn't kidding about that."

I asked him if he was meaning to be a moron on purpose. He got mad again and replied, "I use Old Spice."

I hope that no one else ever meets up with this guy.


  1. Duder needs a swift kick to the gems.

  2. Wow. Why would anyone joke about someone looking like a pig? He sounds like the jerk of the year!

  3. Is 'John' a psuedonym for Kermit, Miss Piggy?


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