Pity. That Was a Good Electronics Store.

Submitted by Eric:

Carly was a retail worker in a video/electronics store at the local mall.  We talked a lot whenever I went in there and I finally got the nerve to ask her out.

At dinner, she asked me all sorts of questions.  Questions like, "Do you have a lot of friends?"  "How many of them are girls?"  "Do you hang out with them a lot?"  "Are you really close with them?"

I've been in enough possessive relationships to know one when I see one, so I told her that her questions were sounding a little possessive.  She acted very offended and changed the subject.  Still, ten minutes later, we were back on the subject of my female friends and former girlfriends.

I told her that I didn't want to talk about it anymore.  She said that if we were going to date then she had every right to know.  I told her that she had every right to know once we had decided to date, not go on just one outing together.  This shut her up for a little bit and the topic changed once more.

When we were done with dinner and out for a walk to a cafe, she brought it up again.  "How many girls have you dated? Just tell me that."

I stopped walking and said, "All that you need to know is that you will never be one of them."

That shut her up for the rest of the "date" and that was that.  It would be weird to go into the electronics store after that, though, so I found another one.


  1. ...so the truth would have revealed that you're a manwhore??

    C'mon, how many???

  2. You should consider this a great date. BAM! A couple of hours and your done. Some people have to date someone for months before the other reveals that they are a jealous mental basketcase.

    Add bonus points if she was attractive.

  3. Love your comeback. She sounds wildly immature and insecure. Run!!

  4. To reply to the How many girls have you put your penis into...

    You should have said;
    "You can't be first...you could be next... but you won't be last"

  5. awesome answer for sure, i'll have to remember that!

  6. she sounds like a virgin


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