Highness on Herself

Submitted by Roger:

Jane seemed normal enough, but on our third date, she wore a tiara that she said her cousin had bought her.  She requested that I refer to her as "her highness."

I did it a couple of times for novelty's sake, but after that, I referred to her by her proper name.  She'd clear her throat and not stop until I referred to her again as "her highness."

Well, so she was free-spirited.  I could deal.

On the fourth date, she showed up again with the tiara.  Being direct, I asked her why she insisted on wearing it.

She said, "So that people won't forget that I'm a princess."

I thought for a moment and said, "Does that make me your prince?"

She said, "We'll see."

I don't go in much for royalty, especially fake royalty, so that was the last time that I saw her highness.


  1. She could really have been a princess! I think you screwed up! lol

  2. She must have been really young, that's obnoxious.

  3. you should have hung the tiara off your winkie, and told her to "give the little prince a kiss"

  4. Seriously... you should have hung around just long enough to come all over her face. Then you could've bragged your whole life that you jizzed all over a princess' face. Dumbass!

  5. Psychochics and Douchebags. So happy I found a good one!

  6. I don't know what country Roger is writing from but as a "subject" in a British Empire country I can attest that all royalty is fake. This girl wants to live out her fantasy, that's as legitimate as being born into the constitutional fantasy, or marrying into it -
    and Princess Jane possibly was more worthy of screwing than any of the "real" ones.

  7. I would have tapped that.

  8. really curious.. how old is she?

  9. For crying in Manhattan, what was this woman's issue? Roger, are you sure she was an adult? I mean, I lost interest in playing Let's Pretend around the time my t!ts started growing


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