Hide and Seek and Destroy

Submitted by Eric:

Towards the end of my date with Jennifer, I decided that I wasn't too interested in her.  She was kind of immature and was a bit too self-absorbed for me.  I didn't see harm in some fun, so we ended up back at her place, on her living room couch.

After a while, I was tired and wanted to head home, and I told her so. She didn't like the idea and wanted me to stay.  I really didn't.  That's when she grabbed my wallet and ran upstairs with it.  I chased after her and caught up just as she closed and locked the door to her room behind her.

"Give me my wallet back," I demanded.

"Promise that you'll stay longer," she said.

I said, "Fine.  I'll stay longer.  I promise.  I was just a little tired, but I don't think there's anything wrong with cuddling for a little while longer.  You're just making yourself very unattractive to me by taking my wallet and running off with it."

She unlocked her door and opened it.  I walked in and asked where my wallet was.  She said that she'd give it back to me at the end of the night.  I grabbed an old-looking stuffed animal dog off of her bed and she screamed, telling me to give it back. I told her that I'd trade it for my wallet.

She opened her night table drawer and handed me my wallet, I dropped the stuffed animal back on her bed, and headed out.  Better things to do with my time than play stupid games.


  1. Looks like she has a problem with guys cut-and-running on her and overreacted a little bit. You were the bad date for leading her on though. Girls and guys: if you're looking for a relationship don't have sex on the first date.

  2. agreed.

    You said right at the beginning that you weren't interested in her, but still "didn't see the harm in a little fun."

    That makes you a douchebag. I hope some girl you really like uses you that way some day so you'll know how it feels.

  3. The way you were talking it sounded like she was going to end up stealing your credit cards or something. She obviously was just having fun, and you could have played her little "game" and got laid

    Yep. Douchebag. Or gay.

  4. Who's playing games here? You're not into her as a friend, since she's too immature, yet you want some sexual satisfaction from her body for a few hours. You make us all sick.

  5. You're both in the wrong here. Yes, she was childish and silly. Plus it was rude of her to take your wallet and not to let you go when you wanted to.

    But don't lead someone on if you already know you have no intention of going any further, that's a dick move. What was she supposed to think/do? She can't know you're not interested if you don't make it clear and what you did was give every sign of being interested.

    She's not the only immature one in this situation. You have the social awareness of a three year old if you think she was supposed to know from your enthusiasm to make out that you weren't interested in her.

  6. She seemed like she was just being playful, I mean she did manage to get you into her bedroom... But hey, you didn't see the harm in having a little fun with her until she started playing games, right?

    I'm jumping on the Douchebag Train -- You're a douchebag, OP.

  7. Loosen up a bit man. You could turned that into some hot action if you had played it better. Just because you're tired and she's out for fun doesn't mean you had to bail and call it a bad date. You were the bad date if you ask me.

  8. You could have banged her after you got your wallet. Then left.


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