The Ex-Boyfriend in the Room

Submitted by Jonathan:

Out to dinner with Tracy, we talked more about he ex-boyfriend than we did about either of us. She mentioned what he did for a living, what his family was like, how he treated her during the breakup, etc.

I did my very best to change the subject. I tried asking her more about herself, but she always found a way to bring up her ex.

Did I mention that they had broken up three years ago?

After dinner, she said that she wanted to visit a covered bridge in town. It was still warm out and I thought it a nice idea. Anything to get her mind off her ex.

We made it there, and she grabbed my hand tight, telling me that it was where he had proposed to her but she had turned him down. She then asked me if I had any big regrets.

The first one that came to mind was, "This date," but I couldn't think of any others. She wasn't mean, and I'm sure that she wasn't doing it on purpose, but her ex-boyfriend seemed to play a bigger role on the date than either of us. That was therefore our first and last date.


  1. Pretty common.. a bad date sure, but this probably happens every day somewhere.

  2. I agree, but three years later?

  3. you should have told her to call you by his name and boned her on the bridge.


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