Flower Power

Submitted by Tom:

Christina had offered to cook for me for our first date.  I brought a small bouquet of flowers.  She opened the door with a smile, saw the flowers, frowned, took them from me, hit me with them, and slammed the door in my face.

I stood there stunned for a few minutes, then knocked.  There was no response, so I left and never heard from her again.


  1. did she keep the flowers?

  2. I bet flowers killed her mother.

  3. Maybe you should have brought a BIG bouquet of flowers? She doesn't sound rational...

  4. Did you pick those flowers from her front yard? Girls can tell!

  5. hahahahaha, there is a teleflora ad on the comments page. next time have them delivered!!

  6. some girls just hate it when you buy them things...she must have just been an extreme example, and possibly she had a really bad past association with getting flowers as gifts. who knows.

  7. Way not to read her mind, buddy, and figure out through ESP her strong dislike of flowers. Seriously, had she said NOTHING up til this point about disliking flowers, being allergic to them, not liking gifts? Because I bet there's another bad date story in the wings about a girl whose date shows up to her door with flowers after she made a big deal of telling him that that one scene in "Alice in Wonderland" with all the flowers beating up Alice traumatized her for life.

  8. WTF was she cooking? Peyote?


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