The Dark Side of the Moon

Submitted by Niki:

John sat down at dinner and told me how nice I looked, then said in the same sentence he wondered how many dates I had been on that week.

I should've taken that as the first warning bell, but I just chalked it up to eccentricity.

Dinner came and we talked about what the two of us could cook.  It was fun until he said that he hoped that I didn't cook too many fatty things because I was already big enough.

I was ready to up and leave, but then he said a curious thing.

"I want to be an astronaut.  That's okay, right?"

Automatically, I said, "You'll never be an astronaut."

"Fuck you, bitch," he said, and that's when I left.


  1. He probably had a bet going to see how quickly he could make a date leave.

  2. You shat on his dreams and you wonder why he left?!

  3. Well, he has the mysogynistic part of being an astronaut (from the 60's) down... He might have a chance.


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