Valentine's Day Massacre

Submitted by Brittany:

It was Valentine's Day weekend and my boyfriend of almost a year was supposed to come visit me. He decided he wasn't going to, and of course I was upset. I decided to spend the night out with the girls.

I would have had a great time if my entire night wasn't spent on the phone with him. He was not happy that I was out, so he sent text after text and call after call. Did I mention most of these texts/calls involved accusations of me being in bed with another guy?

Now, I have never ever had thoughts about cheating. You'd think after a year he would know this. Apparently not, because he made me feel so bad, that I ended my night early and went home crying.

The next morning (Valentine's Day), I awoke to two text messages. "Who the fuck did you hook up with last night?" and "I know you're in bed with someone and that's not why you're answering your phone!" This led to an entire day of fighting. Literally.

Needless to say, we broke up a day or two after.  Happy Valentine's Day to me.


  1. This is not a date story.

  2. Sounds exactly like my last relationship. As it turns out, HE was cheating on ME, hence his own paranoia.

  3. @Anon:
    It's a bad relationship story. Even though there was no boyfriend/girlfriend face time, her significant other still managed to ruin her night. It's related and entertaining.

  4. Sweetie, you really dodged a bullet there. He would only have gotten worse. Posessive men tend to resort to physical abuse after a while. The way he acted was one of those classic "red flags".

  5. Wait, he was trying to spoil your fun so you let him? Let me tell you sweetheart, being a doormat ain't sexy.

  6. I think the guy had Valentines day anxiety. The pressure you women put on us guys to create that perfect romantic scene is overwhelming and could lead to some guys losing it!!

    My solution...get rid of Valentines day. Besides its better to have those random out of the blue romantic moments then a day set aside specifically for it to happen!

  7. Wrong forum try again.


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