Insert Coin to Date Again

Submitted by Steve:

It was Josie's idea to hit up an arcade.  I hadn't been to one in years, and I really liked the idea.  We were supposed to go for an hour and then go to dinner.

I did some Dance Dance Revolution and a hunting game.  When I turned around when I was done, Josie wasn't there.  It was cool, as I figured that she went off to play something else.

I found her next to another guy at a Simpsons arcade game, the one where Smithers kidnaps Maggie.  Josie told me that she had been obsessed with the game when she was younger, and that it was her dream to beat Mr. Burns at the end.

The guy playing next to her said, "I've got all night if you do."

I said, "We haven't got all night," but Josie said nothing to this and kept playing and feeding in quarters and playing some more.  I joined in for a few cycles, but became bored after a bit.

It had to have been close to an hour later.  Josie hadn't said a word to me, she was still playing The Simpsons next to that other guy, and I had taken to walking up and down the aisles, playing the occasional game, but becoming hungrier and hungrier.

Finally, I went up to her and asked her when she thought she'd be done.  The guy next to her said, "Dude, we're on a date.  Piss off."

She didn't say ANYTHING to that, but I felt that I had to.  "No, WE'RE on a date," I said to him, meaning Josie and I.  I turned to her and she glanced at me.

She said, "Hey.  What time is it?"

I told her and she said, "Really?  I lost track of time.  Let me just beat Mr. Burns and then we'll head out."

She was done after another long time, but I had already checked out of wanting to have another date.


  1. That's BRILLIANT! We're truly living in an enlightened age now that it can be the girl playing the game in the arcade and the boy sitting beside looking bored.

    Take THAT '90s!

  2. You should have left her there... she obviously wasn't in to you or the date....

  3. That is pretty funny. Where do they even HAVE The Simpsons arcade game these days?

  4. I'm with Anonymous #1. Why did you stick around after she didn't even defend the fact that you two were supposed to be on a date, not the random meathead she picked up at the arcade? I know it's an awkward situation, but still, man up! There are a LOT of socially awkward nerds on this site who just take abuse, all for the sake of a good story, I suppose...

  5. I'm going to have to agree with BobSandwich here. Did she make you hold her purse while she played too?

    For the next time though, any girl who tells you her DREAM is to someday accomplish anything video game related is a loser or under the age of 13...either way not something you want to mess with.

  6. Can I just throw it out there that they said that they'd be at the arcade for an hour, and she was playing for an hour or so before he really said anything? She probably didn't say anything about the other guy because she was not paying attention at the moment

  7. He said it was an hour before he said anything, but they still didn't leave for a long time after that. Plus, a stranger that you met at an arcade saying "We're on a date" is kind of something I feel like you would respond to.

  8. You either should have left or joined in on the action. But i guess you're not a gamer...


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