A Touching Movie

Submitted by Sasha:

Barry took me out to a movie for our first date.  He put his arm around me just after the opening credits rolled.  I gently removed it and whispered, "A little too fast."

Five minutes after, he put his arm around me again.  Once more, I removed it, this time without saying anything.

He excused himself and went to the bathroom about fifteen minutes later.  When he came back, he put his arm around my shoulders again.  This time I wasn't as gentle and told him to stop it.

When he did it a fourth time, I left the theater.  We had driven there separately and I drove back towards home.

Barry texted twenty minutes later: "WHERE R U?"

I ignored it, but he kept texting and texting: "R U OK?" "R U ANGRY?" "SORRY LOL."

He stopped eventually.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you dated the mayor of creeptown.

  2. What's wrong with that? Did he try and grab your boob or something?

  3. Unwanted touching is unwanted touching, period, regardless of the location.

  4. I think that she was just mad because he didn't touch her boob. She felt rejected.

  5. Fark, you sound like a real fun-sucker. It was a date and it's just a shoulder. Lighten up, harpy!

  6. You are right about the name Kristin. I actually knew a couple of whores named Kristin.

    If she is so repulsed by a guy that she doesn't want his arm on her shoulder then why did she go out with him? LAME!

  7. Maybe next time you shouldnt pick such an intimate setting for a first date, jackass.

  8. Woah, wasn't expecting these comments.. it was a first date, they're getting to know each other. It's not like she left because he put his arm around her the first time, she left because he did it FOUR times.. I'm with the OP here.

  9. I am with the OP too, but I think she should have been more agressive in getting this guy to stop. It seems like he thought it was a game. Slap him girl! Get an usher or security! Two times would have been enough for me to remove his balls.

  10. I think it is safe to say that some of these Anon guys are perverts hoping to read a rape story or at least one involving sex to get them off. Why would you attack the OP for not wanting to be touched repeatedly by the guy after telling him no?

    Her first response to him was "A little too fast", that means, "You have a shot, but slow down there buddy." He blew his chances by being over-aggressive to early on.

    Imagine if this was your little sister on the date and you were sitting in the row behind them. How would you feel then about him repeatedly putting his arm on her and her refusing him 4 times?

    btw - Kristin is ok, but Amber is a big time whore name for some reason. ;-)

  11. poor guy .. lots of chicks would get annoyed if the guy didn't put his arm around her, they would think he wasn't interested bla bla bla. and the fact that u said a little too fast implied 'do try again later' which he did. the poor fellow .. sorry that he cared about u enough to try and chase u up afterwards !

  12. The comment above mine is beyond clueless. She said to stop, 4 times, and he didn't listen. End of date.


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