I Want to Ride Your Bicycle

Submitted by Juliana:

My first date with Sam went well enough, nothing to write home about.  I was able to go either way on the idea of a second date.

After he dropped me off in front of my apartment complex, I went inside for a few minutes, then walked back down, outside, and around to the back of the building.  I had heard it was going to rain that night and I wanted to take my bike, which was locked to a bike rail, inside the communal storage area.

When I rounded the corner, in the dark, I saw a guy standing next to my bike, kneeling.  He was trying to break the lock!  Bastard!

I ran up to him, waved my arms like a gorilla, and shouted, "What do you think you're doing, asshole?"

The guy turned, white as a sheet, and almost fell backward over the bike as he ran off.

It was Sam.

He never called for a second date.


  1. What a loser!

  2. Wow, what are the odds that you just happened to be going to put the bike away while he was trying to steal it? Lol.

  3. The date must've gone really badly from his perspective.

  4. I steal all my dates bikes too. Alot of guys do that..

  5. Hahaha. Date doesn't put out? Steal her bike...

  6. Good thing you don't own a car.

  7. WTF???

    I would have stole your bike also if you didn't Put Out . . .

  8. The Sexy Bike Thief = the next great romance


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