Called on Account of Rain

Submitted by Sarah

I decided to try out Internet dating and started talking to Dan.  He seemed nice and he had a couple of good phone conversations before I agreed to go out with him.  He said that he was new to the city (so was I) and that he didn’t know where my work was so I should come meet him. I had only lived in the city for two weeks but I thought I knew the way.  It was raining and the walk was long, but I finally made it to the place he described.

I knew what he looked like from his photos so I started looking around for him.  When I couldn’t see him anywhere I gave him a call.

I said “I’m here, have you arrived yet?”

He replied in an angry sarcastic tone, “Yes! You walked straight passed me.”

A little taken aback I apologised but I did ask “Why didn’t you stop me?”

He replied, “I'm walking towards you now.”

Okay, I am not shallow, but the photo he sent me must have been the best photo he has ever taken because it looked hardly anything like him.  No wonder I hadn’t recognized him.

We sat down and he pulled out his phone.  He started talking about its good and bad points and played with it for about 10 minutes without looking up at me once.  I figured that he was a little shy and asked him about his work.  This initiated another 10-minute ramble, whilst still playing with his phone, about his crappy job, bad boss, etc.

I decided that I had had enough.  I was cold, I had just walked miles in the rain, and this guy couldn't even look at me, let alone asked me a single question.  I told him that I had to go and he agreed, as he had so much to do that night and shouldn’t have come because he was so busy (um... you organized it!).

He then told me that he had been living in the city his whole life and he knew where my work was, but just didn’t feel like walking all the way downtown.  I guess he was just as uninterested when he saw me as I was him.


  1. Sounds like a pretty standard met-someone-on-the-internet-and-went-on-a-date-with-them date..

  2. Liars are so annoying.

  3. I was going to make some smarmy comment about your looks, but after thinking about it, your photo must have been accurate since he recognized you when you walked past him.

    Sounds like someone who is guaranteed to spend the rest of his life with internet pron and escort services.


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