Teenage Wasteland

Submitted by Dave:

I met Rachel, 26, out at a local dive bar and we hit it off. She was in her second year of med school and I'm a chemical engineer for a local biotech. I'm 28.

We went to dinner and she began the evening by telling me about her past relationships, which I usually don't like to hear about on a first date, but it's not a dealbreaker.

She mentioned that I was the oldest guy that she had ever had a date with. She said that she was normally attracted to younger men. Okay. Whatever. At least the conversation flowed, and she seemed attracted enough to me.

Later in dinner, when she was in the middle of telling me about Steve, one of her more recent boyfriends, she let it slip that, "...and we had a bad fight, which was cut short because of his curfew."

Confused, I asked her to elaborate. She said that, as Steve was 14 YEARS OLD, he still had a curfew.

I asked, "When was this relationship?"

She told me that it was a little over a year ago. Oh my god.

She was quick to assure me that it was nothing sexual, but that she preferred dating younger (REALLY younger) men because she found them, ironically, more mature.  It took a friend of hers to convince her to try someone in her own age range.

Then she started describing how wonderful it was to kiss him, and at that point I had had enough. Sorry. Not my thing.


  1. You should've asked if she had a teenage sister.

  2. Let me guess... was she going to school to be a teacher???

  3. To Anon above me... who goes to Med School to become a teacher?

    I just hope she doesnt become a paediatrician... =\

    OP: You were right to stop there.

  4. You should have calle the cops! If this were a man telling you the exact same thing about a young girl, wouldn't you report it? Why is it different for a grown woman to sexually abuse a young man? A pedophile is a pedophile regardless of gender. I know people joke about it but the bottom line is that it is MESSED UP and you should take action!

  5. People, People, People!! You are missing the point here...

    A 14 YEAR OLD PULLED A 25 YEAR OLD MED STUDENT! That kid is the man!

    (all jokes aside, I agree with Anon above me. If the situation was flipped it would seem perverted and should be reported, so same as in this situation)

  6. Niiiiiiiiiiiccceeeee (anyone with me here?)

  7. Get 'em before the hair does...

  8. time to alert Chris Hansen

  9. Anon #5 I got you. I'll just go have to go give him his luckiest boy in America medal right away.

  10. Hahahahahaha... good times.

  11. Wow, someone call the cops, not cool!!!

  12. Just take a seat. No, take a seat.

    What did you think you were doing?

    "Uhhhhh....just making sure that he was okay."


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