Lovers and Traitors

Submitted by Christopher

Dana and I were on a fourth date. We were going to start the evening with dinner at my place, and then go out to meet up with some friends.

After dinner, we ended up talking and making out on my couch. Our conversation followed no real path, although she asked me about some of my kinks. I thought, "Hot. Here's a way to strengthen the relationship," so I told her a few of my turn-ons, which I don't usually make public knowledge.

When I asked her to name some of hers, she answered by kissing me. Well, plenty of time to learn them later on.

We were out with our friends later on in the evening, and with barely half a drink behind her, she blabbed everything that I had told her, to my friends. Everything. It didn't even come up in conversation. We were talking about work or sports or the news and out she came with it all.

My friends all gave me a look, to which I replied, "Dana wouldn't know, since Dana and I are just going to stay friends after she told me about all the guys she slept with."

That didn't please her at all, and in retrospect I shouldn't have said it, but I wasn't pleased with her unprovoked betrayal.

The part about us staying friends didn't end up happening, either.


  1. Story is useless without said kinks.


  2. ^ Story is useless in general.

  3. That was an awesome come back. Nicely done.

  4. tough stuff! that is what this website is all about, huh.

  5. Should have thrown in some sort of disease like herpes while you were at it.

  6. Dude...never admit you are into necrofelia or beastiality as a kink...unless you follow it up with something about her being a "Dead" lay or a "piggy in a blanket'...


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