Throw This One Back

Submitted by Elle:

Jason offered to take me fishing for our first date.  I had never been fishing before, but I thought it was unusual enough as a first date activity to give it a go.

We met up at a river outside of town and he taught me the basics.  "You should've worn better boots," he warned me, "Your feet are going to get soaking wet."

I shrugged.  "My feet get soaking wet in the shower each day."

"Well this is a river, not a shower," he said, as he went on to teach me something else.  It was a nasty remark, but I thought that maybe he was just joking.  Besides, what could I do about it at this point?  I couldn't go change my boots.

He showed me the reel apparatus and taught me some techniques and soon we were standing and fishing. He wasn't shy about correcting my technique and stance almost constantly.

However, when I caught a shad, our biggest catch of the day, he shut up.

I tried not to make him feel bad.  I said something like, "See?  Your techniques work!" but he seemed to take my catch personally and didn't say much for the rest of the date, which was probably far longer than it should have been, as he seemed hell bent on catching something bigger, which he never did.


  1. So often it seems the people posting display themselves to be the bad date. Sounds as if he was merely making a comment about keeping your feet dry, and you made a smart arse remark.

  2. A smart arse remark? Her remark seemed harmless enough. If he was really concerned about keeping her feet dry then he should have shown some courtesy and told her BEFORE the date to wear appropriate footwear.

    The guy seems a bit like a control freak.

  3. I am all for unusual first-dates (best kind!) but I would go on almost any other type of date before one which could have any kind of 'competitive' edge to it. I want to find out first if he is a regular guy (75% of the time, yes!) or one of those pain in the ass guys who enthusiastically takes you go-karting or laser-gaming or paint-balling or fishing and then goes into an emasculated sulk if you dare to display even the slightest proficiency - because you're supposed to a be a proper girl and suck at things.

    You're well shot of this one. He wants a date who will tell him how great a teacher he is, thank him profusely for correcting their clothing decisions and then fall over themselves to compliment his ability to tempt large fish with food on a string.

  4. Lady, the guy likes fishing. What does that say about him?

    At least if he enjoyed stitching women's skin together to make clothing, you'd know he would be capable of darning your socks.

  5. I'd say he let the biggest fish get away that day...and it was you!


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