One Ring to Rule Them All

Submitted by Justin:

Tina and I were out at dinner on our date and I noticed a wedding ring on her finger.  I asked about it and she said that she wasn't married and that it was her grandmother's.

She was really flirty through dinner and afterward she took my arm and asked if we were going back to my place.  Okay, sure.

We went inside and she started kissing me and it was awesome.  We made it to my bed and clothes started coming off.

Her phone rang.  She ignored it.  It rang again.  She put it on silent.

I joked, "Jesus, that your husband or something?"

She stopped being sexual and sat up.  She said, "I have a confession to make: I'm married."

I told her that she needed to leave, and she asked to stay a little longer to collect her thoughts.  I told her that she could do that, but then she had to leave.  So she left.

I realized that if I didn't joke around about her husband, she probably would have gone all the way, but I'm glad that we didn't.


  1. I don't know why, but I really liked the line, "She stopped being sexual." Good on you for stopping things.

  2. Good will power, dude. Who needs that bad karma?

  3. I'd have banged her anyways, then sent her on her way.

  4. Rose, that was kind of obnoxious.

  5. Never ask if they are married until after having sex.

  6. hahhahaha never ask if they are married... funny... but not nice.

    Call me old fashioned, but... shouldnt you AT LEAST know someone A LITTLE BIT - like knowing if they are married, gay, etc... - before getting ur clothes off?

  7. Good call, man. Sending her home was a smart move.
    Nobody needs that kind of drama

  8. Justin, are you for real and do you live in the 21st century?! I am in such admiration of your willpower and moral consideration. Life is going to be good to you, my friend...

  9. Thanks for not being an a-hole, dude. Which is more than I can say for her.

  10. Why did you send her home??
    if she is a cheater she 's probably gonna get banged by some other dude. you should have nailed that cheating b*tch

  11. You should have should have bent that bitch over and banged her all night long including her "Hershey Highway".

    And then "Tounged the Bung" in the Morning . . .

  12. Shocker. The woman with a wedding ring and an inclination to hop in bed with a stranger is, in fact, married. Good work, Sherlock.


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