Stuck in the Middle with You

Submitted by Emilia:

Mark and I met at a fraternity/sorority exchange and hit it off from the start. We hung out a few times and talked constantly, so when he asked me to be his date for a fraternity cocktail party, I said yes.  Boy, was that a bad idea.

The party was to start at 9PM. Mark called at 8:30 to tell me he was running late and would get me at 10. I was already dressed in a hot beaded dress I got for the occasion, so I just sat around… until 11. Mark arrived wearing a hideous Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops.

We went to the cocktail, which was held at one of the brothers’ houses across town from my apartment. I didn’t know too many people there so I hung out with my date... until his best friends came and announced that it was time for them to get high.

Mark looked at me and said, “I gotta go.”

I told him that I didn't smoke and he said that he “thought so” but was going to do it so I could either go watch, or find something else to do.  I found another brother I had met and hung out with his group of friends until my date found me… over an hour later.

As the night went on, I got progressively more intoxicated so I let the smoking incident slide. At 3AM, everyone headed out. Mark was too drunk to take me home.

I asked him what the hell I was supposed to do since it was way too far to walk and I hadn’t planned on calling my friends to rescue me. He suggested that I wait for him to sober up enough to walk me home.

The other brother who I hung out with earlier was the sober driver for the night, so he gave me a ride home.

A week later, Mark called and asked if I’d want to be his date for a fraternity formal. I said I wasn’t going to risk getting stranded somewhere else.


  1. No offense, but for a sorority girl, you sound like a boring prude.

  2. Also, you carry some responsibility for getting stranded. Once your date got high, you could have realised he'd be in position to drive you back.

  3. That doesn't sound that bad: he was late, he got high, and he got drunk at a party. The last of which you could have expected. Next time have a good time and crash on a couch or something. Live a little.

  4. Yeah, live a little. I am sure his bad date story is about this annoying priss who was a huge party pooper. You wouldn't even have gotten past rush in my sorority!

  5. I'd say dating a little frat boy was the bad idea.

  6. Why didn't you try to hook up with the nicer, sober fraternity brother?

  7. This sounds like every fraternity cocktail party/event/formal I ever went to. If this behavior precluded people from hooking up, none of my friends would have girlfriends.

  8. "Hideous Hawaiian shirt" is a redundancy.

  9. Agreed. Some plaid shirts can also be included in the category.

  10. This is just a regular old date and what one would expect from a fraternity cocktail party. You should always think of plan B on how to get home. Didn't you think maybe at a cocktail party your date would be too drunk to drive you home?

  11. I dunno. I'm a chick and I think the sometimes hawaiian shirts can be cute and ironic on a guy. It depends on where he is wearing it. A frat party is the perfect place for one. This girl needs to relax and learn how to have fun. Loosen up and you will enjoy your life more!

  12. Some observations...

    You sat around for 2:30 hours in a dress waiting for dingle-berry to show up? You need some self-esteem and more friends.

    Hawaiian shirt and flip flops? Yep, sounds like most loser frat guys. This should have lowered your expectations from the start, but still, not your fault he can't dress.

    He ditched you to get high? Hey, there's nothing wrong with some good recreational drugs, but I've never smoked anything that's better than getting some ass. He either didn't expect much out of you, figured you were desperate enough that he could ditch you and come back for some later, or is gay.

    Hadn't planned on calling your friends to RESCUE you? Hardly a rescue being at a party and your date admitting to being too drunk to drive. 2nd, most people don't PLAN to be rescued, it normally happens when you unexpectedly find yourself in an emergency situation. Your friends would have understood...or at least the cab driver would have.

  13. "fraternity/sorority exchange"

    Here's your problem.

  14. Sorry, but this just sounds to me like what's to be expected at a frat party.


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