Separate but Unequal

Submitted by Michael:

I don't get all of this about women's lib.  I took a girl out a while back.  When I warned her to watch her step when we stepped off a steep curb, she said, "I've crossed streets before."  When I opened a restaurant door for her, she'd say, "I can open the door myself."    When I pulled her chair out for her to sit down, she said, "I could have done that myself."  Bear in mind that I was just trying to be nice.

But when the check came for dinner, guess who didn't use her equality to offer to help me pay?  I wouldn't have let her, of course, but I guess that she only wanted equal treatment to a point.

Another time, I was at a bar with a girl who kept saying, "I'll get the next round," whenever I ordered us a round of drinks.  She never picked it up, and so when she asked me to order another round, I put out my hand.  She slapped me five, but I kept my hand there.

"What?" she asked.

"You said you'd take care of the next round."

"I didn't mean it!  You're the guy!"

I bought another round.  For me.  She had to buy her own for the rest of the night.


  1. Can't wait to see people jump all over this one...

  2. The first half is a fairly old saw - "women are into being liberated but they won't pick up the check." You leave out whether or not you asked her out for dinner. If you did, then liberated or not, it was your responsibility to pay.

    The second half sounds like a revenge fantasy - but whatever...if my date said she'd pick up the next round, I wouldn't put my hand out, that's weird. I'd just ask her, "Are you going to pick up this round?" And if she said no, I'd get over it.

  3. This guy sounds like a really crappy comic from the 80's. While you're at it, what's the deal with airplane peanuts? Heyoh!

  4. This sounds like the set up for a joke but there's no funny punchline.

  5. You're my hero. Make the womens pay for everything.

  6. Please don't blame this on women's lib, she just sounds like a bitch! re: the first date, don't stop being chivalrous- Not all guys have manners and treat us like ladies: opens doors, makes sure we don't twist our ankles etc. That's good stuff so please keep that up. But because she had an attitude problem and you probably wouldn't to see her again because of that, if you didn't want to pony up for the whole bill, you could have considerately asked if she wanted to go dutch. Maybe she would have appreciated that? You could also have asked her why she doesn't like it when men act like a gentleman?

    The second girl- that's on you, not so chivalrous at all. Yes she was lame and should have picked up the next round if she said she would- but since she only had a sorry line about it ("you're the guy!")- instead of you not buying her more drinks and then drinking more in front of her, you should have either just ended the date there, or kept buying then not see her again.

  7. Guys, here's the deal, don't let a woman take advantage of your wallet. The rule is: The person who asks the other person out on a date is expected to pay for it - man or woman. As far as drinks are concerned at a bar, I would buy a round on a date, maybe 2, but if the other person didn't buy any for me then I'd just pay for my own.

  8. This isn't women's lib. This is poor taste in women. There are plenty of women who appreciate chivalry and plenty of women who are willing to share the expenses. Oh! Maybe they're not so "hot"!

  9. Just for the record, I'm 61 years old and, in all my dating years, never agreed to the guy paying for my meals, movie tickets, etc. This game of getting him to pay lends itself to so much abuse. It is unfair, at the very base of it. It also breeds a sense of entitlement for both man and woman. It also tends to be used as a means of bartering for sex. Both man and woman should be in the position of having sex for pleasure, and not because he has "paid for it". If the liberation of women is to be real, then both need to take equal responsibility in the purchase of anything. Both, also, need to show care for the other person in the form of opening doors, etc.


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